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root canal cost
root canal cost

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost

How much does a root canal cost ?

How much does a root canal cost,would largely depend on following factors

  • Type of tooth undergoing the root canal treatment
  • Core Filling/crown post root canal treatment procedure
  • Who(General dentist or Endodontists) does the root canal treatment

On an average the root canal cost would be in the range of 2000  to 3200. Lets check the cost details and various parameters associated with the root canal treatment.

How much does a root canal cost for an anterior tooth (incisor or canine)

  • The cost for an anterior tooth like canine or incisors would be in the range of $585.00 – $1000.00

How much does a root canal cost for a premolar (bicuspid/premolar).

  • The cost for a premolar tooth would be in the range of $630.00 – $1200.00

How much does a root canal cost for a posterior tooth (molar).

  • The cost for a posterior tooth like molar tooth would be in the range of $630.00 – $1200.00

How much does filling and crown cost after root canal treatment.

  • The cost for filling and crown after would be in the range of $500.00 – $1500.00 /li>

The cost mentioned above is for General dentist performing the the root canal treatment. The root canal cost would increase by around 30% if the root canal treatment is performed by Endodontists.The root canal treatment performed by a general dentist may be more affordable then Endodontists, but if your case is complex then it is advisable to get root canal treatment done by Endodontists. This will minimize the chances of root canal treatment failure in complex cases. This will also help you in avoiding a re-treatment and re-treatment cost of around 30%.

The root canal treatment includes the following the steps

Preparation: The patient is  given a  sedation in the form of a local anaesthetic or nitrous oxide (happy gas).This helps to relieve the patient’s anxiety and  numb the area that the dentist is planning to work on. To keep the tooth free of saliva, a dental dam is placed over the tooth .The dentist then will measure the depth of the canal .This process is critical to ensure that whole cavity is cleaned thoroughly. An x-ray will be taken to check the canal depth.

Cleaning the canal: The dentist will use special dental tools to access the infected tooth pulp and thoroughly clean the area.This step sounds worse than it actually is .The pain and discomfort will be minimal ,thanks to the sedation. All the tooth canals must be completely cleaned out, irrespective of whether they are infected or not.

Each tooth will have different number of canals, so the time taken for the process will depend on which tooth is being operated on. Your front teeth usually only have one canal, whereas molars normally have 3 to 4 canals

Filling:Once the tooth root canals are cleaned, the root canals are filled with a rubber like filling called ‘gutta-percha’.

Depending on your case, sometimes it’s necessary to have support post to be inserted with the filling. This done to stabilise the crown when it is placed at later stage.A temporary filling is placed on the treated tooth to protect the canal.

During the final visit, the temporary filling is replaced with a permanent crown on the tooth. This complete the root canal treatment process .

The root canal cost also includes dental x-rays and local anesthetic as needed ,temporary fillings and crowns.The root canal treatment would may require couple of dental visits.It is quite normal for dentist or Endodontists to charge any additional cost for any post-treatment assistance you and your tooth would require.

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