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Orthodontic Insurance For Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic insurance

Orthodontic insurance is type of insurance which covers most of orthodontic treatment cost. Orthodontic insurance would typically cover the cost of fixing a crooked teeth, teeth misalignment and other orthodontic issues.

Orthodontic care is mainly used for aligning misaligned teeth, treating disproportionate jaws and other teeth irregularities. The misalignment of teeth is mostly corrected using dental braces and retainers. The dental braces and retainers are made up special dental materials to avoid damages to teeth. The materials used for dental braces and retainers are very expensive.This increases the overall dental treatment cost. These expenses are part of orthodontic treatment and are normally covered under orthodontic insurance.
The orthodontic treatments are considered vital or necessary treatments. Hence most of the treatment expense would be covered under Orthodontic insurance. The orthodontic insurance reduces the out of pocket expenses to be borne by the patient . Not all dental insurance providers offer orthodontic insurance with orthodontic care benefits.  The three best dental insurance providers that offer orthodontic insurance at reasonable price are mentioned below.

Humana One Dental Insurance
Humana One is one of the few dental insurance providers who offer orthodontic insurance for orthodontic care. This insurance covers basic and preventive orthodontic treatments. This helps in reducing the out of pocket expenses borne by an individual. There are various dental plans that one can choose from, you can choose a plan that best fits your immediate and future dental requirements. Some of the popular orthodontic insurance plans are Dental Prepaid C550, Dental Preventive Plus, Dental Discount, Loyalty Plus Plan and Simple Choice Plan. Each of these is different orthodontic insurance plans and has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable to understand the coverage and other additional information about these plans from the dental insurance providers. This can be done by visiting them in their office or by contacting them online.

MetLife- FEDVIP Dental
MetLife is another dental insurance provider who offers orthodontic insurance for orthodontic care. You can choose to join their in-network program or an out-of-network program.  The choice is entirely yours. The main benefit of an in-network program is lower cost. MetLife on your behalf would contact their participating dentist network and try to decrease expenses by up to 45%. The Class D. Class D plan are best suited for orthodontic care treatment and will give 50% for in and out-of-network orthodontic care.

Dental Network
Dental Network is another dental insurance provider who offers affordable orthodontic insurance and other dental programs in all 50 states. The dental program not only includes regular dental preventive treatments like teeth cleaning and dental filling, but also covers orthodontic treatments. You will need to get enrolled in this dental program to get its benefits. Once you get enrolled in the program, you can avail up to 70% discount on dental services offered by your preferred orthodontist. The discounts are applicable only if your preferred dentist or orthodontist is the list of insurance provider’s network. In case dentist or orthodontist preferred is not included in the network then, the dental insurance provider might contact dentist or orthodontist and request them to join them as a provider. For more detailed information about Dental Network, you can get in touch with them in their local centers or contact them online.

Please note that Orthodontic care might not be covered if you have already started the orthodontic treatment before you availed the orthodontic insurance plan from dental insurance providers. In order to get full benefits of these plans, ensure that you get orthodontic insurance plan coverage before you start dental work with an orthodontist.

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